Our Story

Our candles aren't just beautiful aromas - our candles can serve as luxury home décor. Our scents and vessels work well in any home and environment. 

Welcome to my shop!

Jaleesa Jackson is the visionary founder and owner of Tin Candles, a luxury candle company renowned for its commitment to health-conscious and eco-friendly practices. Born and raised in the vibrant city of Philadelphia, Jaleesa's journey into the world of artisanal candle making was inspired by her belief that the essence of self-care and luxury can be encapsulated in the simple act of lighting a candle. With Tin Candles, she has turned this belief into a reality, offering a range of exquisite home aromas that are accessible to all.

Under Jaleesa's guidance, Tin Candles stands out in the crowded market for its dedication to using only the finest, sustainable ingredients. The company's signature coconut wax blend is both eco-friendly and renewable, ensuring that each candle burns cleanly and efficiently. Moreover, Jaleesa's insistence on phthalate-free fragrances guarantees that her products are safe for the environment and her customers, aligning with her vision of luxury that does not compromise on health or ethical standards.

Jaleesa's entrepreneurial spirit is matched by her commitment to community and sustainability. She actively seeks out locally sourced materials and collaborates with other Philadelphia-based artisans, fostering a sense of community and supporting the local economy. Her approach to business is holistic, emphasizing not just the physical product, but also the positive impact it can have on people's lives and well-being.

Tin Candles is more than just a candle company; it is a testament to Jaleesa Jackson's passion for luxury, wellness, and environmental stewardship. Through her work, she continues to illuminate the path towards a more mindful and fragrant world, one candle at a time.