Our candles aren't just beautiful aromas - our candles can serve as luxury home decor. Our scents and vessels work well in any home and environment. 

Welcome to my shop!

Tin Candles Online was created with a vision that I could bring you the best in handmade luxury candles and body products. Our products are made with exquisite & impeccable quality and have a creative flair that you can appreciate! With a nose for amazing fragrances and an eye for eye-catching packaging, Tin Candles Online is dedicated to unique and eclectic items that are pleasing to the eyes and a pleasure to the senses.

With a focus on expediency, Tin Candles Online strives to fulfill your orders promptly and with pride in our work while not sacrificing quality. We might be handmade, but we treat every order as though our clientele is part of our family and hope to delight your senses with each purchase.

Should you have any questions about any items, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We are only a message away and will be sure to get back with you promptly!

About Us:

Tin Candles Online is more than just a shop for luxury handmade candles and body products. We are also a provider of exotic fragrances and products that have a tantalizing flair to them. With an eye for the eclectic, we search for scents and ingredients to please your senses and satisfy your soul. Our shop is about creativity!

Our vibe is not only one of creativity but also of passion. With the same passion that we search for tantalizing ingredients for our products, we also strive to provide you with the utmost quality. Sure, we might be a "handmade shop," but we are a shop that knows the true meaning of "handmade" and savor each step to the process as a step in the journey to self-care.

Luxury and handmade is more than just a marketing concept with us. It's a way of life. Tin Candles Online believes that there is a unique beauty to making something with our own two hands, and we also celebrate the power of black female entrepreneurship. With the ultimate in control, everything that leaves this shop is held to the highest standards, and we strive to provide you with a desire to come back for more.

Love Yourself. Take Care of Yourself. Treat Yourself. That’s the motto of Tin Candles Online!

Thanks for looking and Happy Shopping!enity this is our meditation candle. I use this candle right before I meditate. The essence of clove, lavender, and herbs permeate the atmosphere to create a relaxing scene.